For Families

Gather your family for an afternoon of fun and games! A great bonding activity for your family regardless of age!

For hobbyist

Outgrown your amateur carrom board? Want to get something more serious without breaking the bank? With SAS Carrom Boards it’s possible!

For Professionals

In for something for serious? Fret not! With 12mm ply boards and 4.5″ borders, uneven surface and rail vibration are a thing of the past, allowing you to bring out your best for every game!

Performance Series

Sharpens the mind and Improve coordination

Carrom requires performing mental mathematical estimates and calculations, such as basic geometry and physics. These skills are necessary to calculate precise angles and trajectories and to determine how much force to apply during a strike so as not to under or overshoot a target. Having a sharp mind enables one to think on their feet faster and pick up on little details.

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SAS Carrom Board Singapore - Maestro Carrom Board

For Professionals: Maestro Series

Extreme Speed. Smooth Trajectory.


PolishWick™ Technology ensures the smoothest surface and fastest trajectory for game play.

Reduce border vibration with thicker walls. Less Energy Lost = Faster Speed!


For Hobbyist: Premier Series

 Versatile and Indestructible

Intermediate - Hobbyist

Suitable for both casual and serious players with a easy control surface, at the same time adhering to International Carrom Federation standards.

Traditional hard wood ensure your carrom board will last years, even decades.

Premier Series Carrom Board
Recreationist Series Carrom Board

For All: Black Gold Series

The carrom board for everyone.


Great for bonding between friends and family.

Thinner borders provides extra reach for younger players!


For Kids: Little Champ Series

Cater to young children with a lighter board!


Protect your kids from danger with a lighter carrom board.

Young kids can set up a game of carrom much more easily with a lighter board.

Starter Series Carrom Board

Enjoy Carrom with your Friends and Family Now!


Hear From Others

  • I grew up playing Carroms and for my 42nd birthday I wanted to have my own board! My parents were here for my celebration and the game arrived the day before they were leaving. We waxed the table and began playing…now mind you that my parents haven’t played in ten years or more. It has been even longer since I played. We laughed for like the next three hours! I had forgotten how much fun Carroms were! My children have been practicing to beat me! I highly recommend this game!

    Poh Jun Xi
  • Normally, I’m not the type of person to leave a review but being the carrom enthusiast I am I think I’m obligated to. Please note that I did not tried out the “Black Gold” board, only the “Premier” and “Maestro” board.

    So now, here’s my experience with the maestro board:

    The board came very well packed. I was worried about shipping damage because it is a very large item and quite heavy, but while unpacking it I realized that it would have been very hard to damage it. Inside this box the board was protected with padding around the corners and was bagged twice – a sack cloth cover and a thick plastic bag. Once I removed all these layers I finally uncovered the board. Its playing surface had an additional foam cover which I still keep around to cover it when not in use. I should mention that these inner layers were quite dusty and my fingers got dirty from handling all this content.

    Due to the thickness of the plywood, this item is heavy. I have no problem lifting it and setting it on a table, but it is not a light item.

    Besides the board, I also received the following:
    1 set of carrom men with spares: 11 black, 11 white, 2 red – you need 9 black, 9 white, and 1 red piece for play.
    1 striker in a plastic box

    There was no powder included. I had to purchased some separately.

    Now let’s look closer at each of these components:

    Board surface: Excellent. It is very smooth. Printing also looked good – I didn’t see any glaring issue. The pockets are neatly cut and have the official size of 4.45cm.

    Frame: The parts of the frame that you may hit during play look good though – I saw no defects along the edges and corners.

    Board support frame: Functional, no finishing, hence not pretty looking. This frame on the underside of the board supports the plywood surface and gives it some elevation so that the pocket mesh can hang a bit under it. The wood used for it does not look very nice though. For one thing, it has many splinters that you may want to cut or peel off. It also has many defects – wood knots or holes due to wood knots. But leaving these aspects aside, it’s a solid frame and provides a solid support for the playing surface.

    Pocket mesh: OK. They’re stapled to the support frame, which some people did not like, but I saw no problem with this. It looks like a standard procedure to me. They’re doing their job of collecting the carrom men after they’ve been pocketed.

    Carrom men: Good. They’re made of wood and look dope as well, but don’t expect the pattern they have to be identical. You may also see differences of tint between the white ones due to the natural color variation of wood. Their surface is smooth but the recessed areas may be a bit rougher.

    So how do these all come together? Well, the pieces slide and rebound as expected. The official rules mention that you should get at least 3.5 runs for a striker when shot with maximum force from the base line against the opposite edge. I get that travel and even more if I hit the striker harder, and I don’t think I have tried maximum force yet – mainly because I don’t want to hurt my finger until I get better practice and improve my striking technique. So both the surface and the frame do their intended job very well. This board performs as well as the boards I’ve seen used in official matches.

    Brandon Tan
  • Like many other reviewers, I grew up playing carrom. The board my parents had is long gone, and I decided to try one of these, instead. I’ve had it five years now, and it has held up well. When I was a kid, the “buttons” (as we called them) were made of wood. Then they went to plastic, but they were too heavy, and tended to break. The carrom seeds in this set are wooden and just about the right weight, and seem to be made of a lot more durable wood. I tried to break one of the shooters (white) by shooting it as hard as I could against the sides of the board, and it took everything I had. All in all, a good product, for the money.

    Siti Nurhaliza
  • My children and I have been playing with this Carrom Board since they opened this up on Christmas morning, have been having a blast.

    The craftsmanship is absolutely spectacular, it is sturdy but surprisingly lightweight and the pieces move across the board with ease. The quality of this board is present as soon as you open up the package.

    We are all (all 4 of us) very happy with this item and look forward to many years of playing with this board. I am happily “disconnecting” with the family and reconnecting with them thanks to Carrom Board Singapore!! I highly recommend this product as well as you will not be disappointed.

    Catherine Lee
  • I had no issues with the quality. The surface was nicely polished and painted. The underside of the carrom board is rough but i don’t remember playing on a Carom board ever that had a smooth under surface. I wish the striker was somewhat larger and the caroms were of good quality. In the end I just ordered the striker separately from overseas, however that’s just my personal preference.

    Mohammed Nabil
  • The board arrived well before the estimated delivery date. The board was wrapped reasonably well, and it arrived in excellent condition. A corner seemed to have a slight chip-off. But nothing major. They forgot to include the carrom coins with the board initially. But when I contacted the seller, they immediately (within 2 days) shipped me the coins, with a complimentary striker added in.

    The board seems very durable. The playing surface is quite good. You can get about 3 rebounds with the striker. Although I have used better boards back home in SL, this definately is an excellent buy for the price/availability. The striker included is not the kind I am used to. It is smaller in size, and doesn’t weigh as much as I would like. With a better striker, I guess the playing experience would be even better. All in all, this was a great buy.

  • Just received this board today. Board arrived in a perfect condition and quality of the board is extremely good. I had some confusion with regards to the size of the board because the description provided both the inner and outer dimensions, however so research online solved the problem. This size of the board itself is 34.5″ X 34.5″ and the actual playing surface area is 29 X 29 and 8mm ply thickness which matches the International Carron Federation standards.

    I received the board in immaculate condition and my family and I love it.

    Tan Ding Wei
  • The board is good quality with good craftsmanship. It is solid in built. It has good quality and good coloring also. I like the product. The company shipped it pretty fast within a week. Now the major problem is the packaging. I think they can ask for more price and use better packaging. My package came with some beat up edges. Overall, the product is very good, no problems at all. It will last for a while. But packaging is the least of my concerns as I’ve already thrown away the box XD

    Jack Lim
  • I bought the maestro carrom board and it was amazing. The board was well made, smooth, very sturdy, and is very straight. The package was packed well. It had no damage. I played on much worse boards. This is a nice heavy board and should last for years.


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